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Large industrial fans, a new type of ventilation and cooling equipment for tall and large workshops, although it is a new device for ventilation in workshops, and is favored by many tall and large workshops, many customers worry about the safety of large industrial fans while choosing, which is also a part Of customers hesitate to choose, is it safe to install large industrial fans?

Safety and fall prevention of large industrial fans:

1. The protective function of the safety ring: to prevent accidents and any parts falling.

2. The role of the fan blade L-shaped safety buckle: link all the fan blades and the chassis together to form an integral structure.

3. Fasteners: The stress of fasteners is actually more than 10 times, and the high strength of industrial bolts is as high as 8.8/.

4. The function of steel wire indexing force: each steel wire cable can bear the strength up to 1000KG, and double protection is set at each connection point.

5. The setting of the inverter: the inverter will be set with the alarm function of overload and overload. In case of special unknown circumstances, the inverter will automatically cut off the power supply and stop running.

6. Anti-slip groove: In order to improve safety, there is an anti-slip groove on the link board of every large industrial fan.

The large industrial fan is also an energy-saving cooling equipment for workshops, and its power consumption is also very small. A super large industrial fan with a diameter of 7.3 meters can cover an area of about 1000 square meters, which is the priority for large spaces. select.

The characteristics of large industrial fans:

1. Large air volume: The large industrial fan with a diameter of 7.3 meters can achieve an air volume of 13,200 cubic meters per minute, covering an area of up to 1,000 square meters.

2. Low-cost operation: a large fan with a power of 1.5KW, running for 1 hour, only needs 1.5 yuan for electricity.

3. Widely used: logistics and warehousing, waiting rooms, exhibition halls, stadiums, supermarkets and other tall spaces can be used.

In order to ensure the normal operation of large-scale industrial fans, in addition to normal monitoring and maintenance during normal use and operation, regular inspections are also required. Doing a good job of maintenance can detect and deal with some problems in time, prevent malfunctions, and ensure that the motor is safe and reliable run!

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